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do you have vietnamese?

Where es 2?

we dont know.

Bro, please tell me you're going to work on this game more this has the potential to be huge. Tell me if you need volunteers to make it bigger too. New mechanics, better graphics, better sound design, cleaner visuals and UI, this game would be the bomb.

brooo this game is broken

esta para linux???

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creo que no, solamente veo un link de windows

podes buscar en steam es ahi donde creo esta disponible para linux


really wish the first one on steam was free because i cant even download it on my laptop because something is wrong with the files here

where is it on steam?

just search it up in the search box there in the steam store

i did nothing is showing up

thats weird because it should be there. unless youre on offline mode or something idk. cant help ya, try talking to customer support

this game gives me a lot of anxiety 

that makes it so much more fun to play

This game is full screen?


Show post...

nice new version

i’ve seen so much about this game and REALLY want to play it but its not compatable with my chromebook…can you make one on web? I know that games like these are hard to make to start with and your probably working on other things. So if you just have any time your not working on something else, relaxing, or other stuff it would be nice. oh and i’ve seen so much on this game and it looks REALLY good. so good job.😊👍

 i agree

Dear Zaster, I suggest adding an Easter egg to the next version. Timothy died in 2013 and there is his grave in the yard also has a shovel. The corpse can be pulled out and then the question. Who killed him? options: button1 button2. Then the grave says "I"

Book Floor Sugar Paint Bed 

For Zaster

" I NOT DIE! "


Could you please put it on browser.

I'm unable to download,not because it glitches.


This game made me so paranoid and question reality and I loved it!

un juego muy interesante y atractivo, sin duda alguna me ha gustado mucho y tocará probar los demás


Interesting game... took me a second to figure out the mechanics of it.


Hey Zaster, i really love your game, its absolutely addictive!

Besides that i have a special wish.. I really love the disturbing sound from the Main menu / the intro, that creepy distorted organ melody.. Can you send me a file? Its only for recreational & personal use, i wont distribute it nor sell it nor will i earn anything with it.. 

I'd really appreciate it if you could give me the file in mp3 or sth like that.. 

Best regards 

Hi! Sure. Just give me an email-address or something to send it to.

Thanks alot, it Sounds great! 

Have a great time! 


Hello. I really like this game, so I want to make a fan game. If it's ok with you, let me know.


Sorry about the late response.It's ok! Go ahead! I would also appreciate if you give credit to your source of inspiration :)


Dang that one was hard! Hopefully the new house is easier. 👍🏾


This game really caught me by surprise. I could play this for hours.. as long as I've taken some headache pills first lol. I haven't had to concentrate that hard in a while.

why dont we have object movement in the old house and extra object and object dissapearance


This game is so much harder then it looks. It’s so addicting tho I can’t get enough. 


Wow i loved this game, it was my first time playing this game, i didn't know it, i liked it for being different, it was a great game, i hope i can play more if have future updates. Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR


i cant stop playing this


very interesting game reminded me a lot of fnaf I featured this is my most recent YouTube video you can check it out below (it’s the first game we played)

I am going to have a panic attack playing this. LES GOOOO

I DID IT THIS IS THE FINAL AND MOST INTENSE EPISODE OF I'M ON OBSERVATION DUTY! This is really becoming one of my favorite horror games and this game is great! Can't wait for part 4 of I'm On Observation Duty! Keep up the great work man!

   - CrazyCheesePuf 

Very cool game. I had never played a live cam footage game before. I really enjoy the spot the difference game concept. Look forward to playing more games you develop. Good job!

I had this game on my wish list for a while and I wasn't sure if it would be worth my time playing it, but holy cow it is fun and creepy. I'm glad I made the purchase. I got the other two games as well. I hope in the fourth game you add multiplayer where one person handles the cameras while the other one fixes the anomalies. The secret ending is also really nice touch and not a lot of horror games have secrets endings.
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This is one of my FAVORITE horror games right now, and not just indie horror games! I did so GOOD this video, but did I beat it... I can't wait to make a part 3 on this game! The anxiety that this game causes is RIDICULOUS!!! The game itself is also pretty hard, but after a while it gets easier. I love the game and keep up the great work!!!

   - CrazyCheesePuf


This game is really underrated. Can’t wait to play more plus the sequels! 

hopped on this game after seeing the hype and i'm so glad i did. i haven't played anything like this yet and the spooks are crazy. amazing game!


I cant get enough of this game! This was amazing, I never knew what to expect and shit became scary.. I played it twice during the livestream and I actually also want to make video's of it! I cant stop playing XDD

Hi @Zaster,

I just tried IOOD1 on Linux with Wine; it works fine, but text boxes are empty. I guess they're using a common font -just not found on a default Wine setup.

Which font are you using for title/report text boxes?

Never mind, found myself. Here are the steps:

$ wine tahoma32.exe
$ cd $HOME/.wine/drive_c/windows/
$ rmdir Fonts
$ ln -s /usr/share/wine/fonts/ Fonts

There's also linux version of the game available on Steam.

i played this game with my friends and i think it may have been the scariest thing ive ever done

I am REALLY bad at small details so I didn't get very far but this game is so ADDICTING!!

Played it, and it was amazing! Just what I want out of a game! It doesn't have a lot going on in my opinion, but that might just be because I was unlucky. Overall a good game to play if your looking to be scared!

Also discovered and deciphered the morse code found in the secret ending. As far as I could find, no one else had figured this out, there are timestamps for easy navigation!   

Played this for the first time on stream and it was a blast!

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