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I completed the game. This is a very good game. Thank you very much! I waiting continuation!!!

Thank you for your kind words. Glad to hear you enjoyed the game!


Hi! Will you build version for mac os? It will  be really cool. Game seems to be very catchy. Thank you.

Hi! I promise to look into it.


You did a really great job! I can tell because I HATE horrors, but I played and survived

Thanks! Glad to hear you liked the game :)

Hi! Cool game, have good fun, thanks. Author, tell please, when you planned to add some updates?

Активация Windows хехехе

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Thanks for playing! No promises but you may see a second level some day.


Tell me, is it planned to update the game, otherwise I have already passed and I want more. Very cool game!
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No promises but you may see a second level one day.


Hey! I made an account just to ask... Why is sometimes alarm (or whatever it is) blinks in the kitchen? Is it an anomaly or it is a hint that there IS an anomaly? Please answer! :)


I would try clicking on the square panel it is on top of and making sure that your speakers are turned up, and you tell me what you hear!  I am in the same boat trying to figure this out!

It's not an anomaly. It's a secret!

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[ spoiler alert ]

This article is a sentence translated by Google translation.

Hi!  I'm living in Korea.
Just as I was playing this game, I was streaming YouTube and trying to edit the recorded video, and I found a photo with the word "FIND MY BODY". What does this sentence mean? Then I rewound the BGM on the menu and speed it up and I could hear clear vocal music, strange sounds and piano sounds. Do I know what it is? And I played this game with great fun.


Hello!  I was wondering about a couple of things!

[Lite spoiler alert]

1.  I found.....a way to make a certain.....experience, happen, and I have analyzed it and found it to be.....indecipherable.  I was wondering if making this....thing.....happen has any function, or if it is a creepy Easter egg?  It certainly "is" creepy!  I was thinking that it might have a protective function, like keep away some of the more "deadly" anomalies for a little while, but if it is "just" an Easter egg that is okay too, I notice that one of the "Hints" at the beginning is that the game has a "secret", I am wondering if that might be it!

2.  Later in the night on any particular game, I have found that an extra "type" of anomaly appears that is just labeled "input", I think that is right below "Other", I am assuming that is a little bugg?  With "camera malfunction" being another choice that is itself presumably a little bit of a red herring, I am assuming that "input" is a little bug but with how some of the anomalies do some pretty strange things and how many layers there are to figuring out what everything is classified as I was just wondering about that one in case I am missing any special type of anomaly!

In any case, I really liked the game and I am not sure if one person made this but if so this is an amazing accomplishment from my perspective!

Thanks a lot. I love to hear that you liked the game so much. It was indeed made by one person. The "Input" option is indeed a type of a secter/easter egg or at least one part of unlocking it.


a guide would be cool because i had alerts like there are a lot of anomalies but i couldn't notice anything particuliar, it would be useful to know what can be an anomaly



I've been playing this game a lot lately, and it's simply amazing! I really hope various Youtubers start playing this game, so the game's fame can grow. It's really tricky and there are LOTS of anomalies that are really hard to find. There are tons of them that I just can't figure out. It's an amazing game that requires a lot of attention. Is there actually an end for the game? My best game so far was until 3:58 AM.

Good job!


I've been playing this game too :3

Hi! I'm very glad to hear you enjoy the game! There is in fact an end. You'll beat it if you manage to survive until 6:00.


Honestly an amazing game, fresh concept, and amazing fun, me and my friend have been playing for a couple hours and love it. Although, some anomalies are not working correctly, (I think) because there is what appears to be a man in the bottom left of the screen in the living room, but if you try to report him, there is no way to fix the anomaly. Other than that new things are scaring us sockless! If you worked on the game more, added more levels, and had like an endless mode i think it would be amazing. 

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Glad to hear you and your friends are enjoying the game. If this game does well I might expand on the idea in the future and make a sequel with more content in it. No promises though. About the man in the living room. Do you mean the weird man at the bottom right of the living room camera screen? That's actually a tricky one but I assure you it is working as intended. Think about it. You can see the man trough the living room camera but is he actually in that particular room?


Hey, played the game some more, we got to 5:30 and 21 anomalies fixed, but i have a couple questions, like, is there an end to the game? Why is it every time we fail, it says there are more anomalies? (EX: You fixed 2 out of 5 anomalies but then the next game it says you fixed 3 out of 6 anomalies) Amazing game still finding new things to scare us, i hope it gets more popularity soon so people can support it more! <3

Hey! You beat the game if you reach 6:00. You almost got there! When a player fails the game shows you how many anomalies they fixed out of the anomalies  that appeared during that playthrough. For example if it says 2 out of 6, that means 2/6 of the anomalies that appeared were fixed and 4/6 were not. Those 4/6 unfixed anomalies caused the game to end.

This game scared me in the first minutes, but it got boring after a while, because it does not offer a threat to the player, perhaps for lack of actions and anomalies, I do not know ... Please consider my comment as a constructive review and sorry for my bad english.


I appreciate your critique. However some anomalies actually do cause threat to the player. Because they spawn randomly though you might not see them at all before you fail because there's too many regular anomalies active.


I did a LP on the game and beyond the hard to spot anomalies, it would be nice to have some sort of mini guide in the game on what each anomalies generally looked like.


I tried this game multiple times, impossible to win one time xD

I was at 4:22 in my bast game, very hard game but its amzing !

Thank you! Nice to hear you had a good time. I agree some of the anomalies can be pretty hard to notice. Let me know if you manage to beat the game!


very nice 


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